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The goal is to save each user of Pixlspace a lot of time by making it easy for you and your customer to work with your files.


Working in a company that turnovers more than €350 million a year you expect efficacy and optimization in every corner. This, however, was not the experience I had as the integration and automation manager at the company.

Given the company’s size, there were a lot of customers to oversee and provide with data and one task that multiple people all around Scandinavia worked with was providing the customers with images and other files. This was done daily and around 40 hours a week was spent on this alone in the Danish office.

The reason it took so long was that we used a combination of OneDrive, DropBox, and a PIM system to store and manage files. Neither of these has a good solution where you could give the customer access to the files by sharing a link or letting them search for the images themselves.

To spend +40 hours a week sharing files with customers is not sustainable and it costs a lot of money. Money and time could be used on other and more important tasks that will actually help the business grow.

So, I decided to take matters into my own hands as we couldn't find a good solution that fitted our purpose and that had a reasonable or low price. I began building Pixlspace and the service is now used by the company every day and it has saved the company a huge amount of time and money. Both the employees and their customers are satisfied with the solution as it gives all users the freedom to work as they like! // Carl

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